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3 Big Differences

I’m an independent, offering a real solution to companies that could use a hand with their content, don’t have a lot of time, and don’t have a big budget. I do a few things differently from the other guys…

contentImprove your Pitch

I’ll start with the text and images that you’ve got, and I’ll work my magic to create effective sales and marketing web content. This is the real work of building a website.

Beware Cut & Paste

Don’t get stuck with a low-budget cut & paste website company. You have to supply the exact text and images, and tell them how to organize it all. That’s the Hardest Part! Too many paid-for websites don’t get finished because the content isn’t ready in time.

time64whiteGet it Done

I know you don’t have time. My philosophy: forge ahead, get it done, do a great job without bugging you every 5 minutes to sign-off on every detail.

Don’t Go It Alone

Businesses that try and do it all themselves end up investing huge amounts of time for amateur results. (If you want to learn, I can teach you, and take care of all the tricky/boring parts)

budget64whiteBang for the Buck

It should be an asset, not a money pit. To keep costs low: I work efficiently, prioritizing the parts that will bring the greatest return on your investment, and I work with you directly from my home office, there is no fancy studio to maintain or middle-men to pay.

Cost Prohibitive

Hiring a full-time employee professional is outside of the budget for most businesses, as is hiring a full-service agency. Both options are big, risky commitments.

Q & A

What do you look for in a project?

I like a challenge. I enjoy focusing all the complexities of a business into a clear, persuasive, professional website that actually helps create new opportunities online. I look for projects where I can make a dramatic improvement and start a long-term relationship.

That’s what I find rewarding.

How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been building websites for 11 years or so, and focused on them for the last 7.

Where are you located?

I’m Canadian, grew up in Southern Ontario, but now I live in Argentina.
No… seriously. (Luckily, living in Argentina means low overhead, and a great deal for you.)

How can we work together if you don’t live near me?

We can work together by phone and email, pretty much the same way we would work together if I was around the corner. My phone number is local to the U.S.A so it’s easy to give me a call: (970) 239-4231.

So, give me a call or send me an email and we can get started.

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